AZ Apparels is committed to the best human workplace practices. Our goal is to continuously improve our Human Resources policies and procedures through education, training, communication and employees’ involvement.
To that end the AZ Apparels has identified eight areas of importance. The company commits to management review, employees open communication, policy development and coordination with the SA 8000 standard to comply with all state/local laws and Industrial/Factory laws of peoples Republic of Bangladesh to provide a favorable employment environment that respects understands the needs of its employees.

The company commits to inform all employees of its policy and position on the SA 8000 standard. All employees will be made aware of the policy and company statement upon implementation. Going forward all new employees will be trained on SA 8000 in new employee’s orientation. Periodically throughout the year the company will reaffirm its commitment to the SA 8000 policy through employee communications such as office notice, demonstration and payroll stuffers.

The eight (8) identified areas are:

1. Child Labor
2. Forced Labor
3. Health and Safety
4. Freedom of Assembly/ Right to collectively Bargain
5. Discrimination
6. Disciplinary practices
7. Working Hours
8. Remuneration/ Compensation.